July 6th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: inspired by Rose's efforts to actually relax while she's off work... I didn't do anything productive today except a few dishes. The cats very magnanimously allowed me to sleep until 8am!

I did have to make a Walmart run for necessities like eggs, orange juice and cat food. And while it was very humid when I got back - - I was sweating like a field hand after bringing in groceries and picking up stuff from the yard(the lawn people were coming to cut the grass) - - when I went outside this afternoon(just to sit on the porch!), it had rained and was actually pleasant.

I even had a nap - - in bed - - at 2 in the afternoon. Blackout curtains are nice. I didn't even cook dinner tonight, we got takeout.

While I am feeling much better, I'm wondering if I will ever shake this cough. It's been a whole week.

Reaction to the "OMG, a black chick is playing Ariel!" uproar

*** This was posted on Facebook, and not directed at anyone on LJ. Possibly at a few RL friends and family...***

This whole black Ariel thing is really showing me a side of people I didn't expect. Did people throw this kind of shit fit about The Wiz, or the later remake? A Wrinkle in Time, even?

Consider this context. A lot of movies and animated movies were made by white people, for white people. Hence, most characters were white. Also, remember how Native Americans, Indians(people from India), Asians, and other characters were always played by white folks? I didn't hear y'all bitching then.

This gem of a comment was made on an Halle-Bailey-cast-as-Ariel story by a white, apparently cluelessly racist woman with a white daughter named Ariel. I should've saved it, but this was the deal: she has a daughter named Ariel and this personally offensive to her, for a black chick to play an ANIMATED character her daughter was named after. It's fine if they want to cast a black chick as Tiana, which she claims is her second favorite Disney Princess(yeah, right), and it's not like she'd name her daughter after a black princess anyway, right? We won't even get into the unbelievably stupid racists who thought HALLE BERRY was playing Ariel.

Y'all sound just like people who bitch about MLK day... "You people have one black princess, why can't y'all be happy with that?" Did you know there are still people out there who swear Jesus was white?

And consider this also: for years, on the stage, people of different ethnicities have played traditionally "white" roles, and no one bitched. Is this because very few poor white racists watch plays? You decide.

Incidentally did anyone see the study that says the US will be minority white by 2045? I'm sure this scares some of our older racists, but most of them will be dead by then anyway. If their children and grandchildren can escape their racist upbringing, maybe this country really could be great. Why are y'all upset anyway? Do they treat minorities badly here or something?

This might've been brewing before the Ariel thing.