June 15th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: it wasn't a horrible day. I did get up early, around 5:30, courtesy of some active cats. But then I napped in my chair. I made a super early Walmart run before the crazies were out. Then I went to my uncle's and J went to visit his dad(he's been moved to the Dublin hospital, but still has a long recovery ahead). I came home and did laundry and other fun stuff like that. I also tried a new(to me) restaurant. As long as we've lived here, we had never tried Papa's Cabin. I liked it, and J even gave it a thumbs up.


I watched this movie this afternoon. I noticed it was on Amazon Prime. The last time I saw it was probably late 80s early 90s on public television. It's super depressing - - hard to find a happy movie about nuclear war - - but it's a good movie. And it has a baby Lukas Haas in it. And a young Kevin Costner.