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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
June 5th, 2019 
Today's good thing: well, it was another busy day. I spent a huge amount of time just redoing my clearance endcap and trying to get more deleted vitamins on it. I don't know if my Walmart peeps know this, but you literally cannot get anywhere in the store without going by that small area between my clearance endcap and the flu shot thingie. But only if I'm there, and preferably on my knees trying to work.

So, y'all know Selina is going to heaven, right? I told her if she goes first, she'll have to get me in. If I go first and end up... elsewhere, she has to get me transferred up there when she does get there. J laughed so hard at this.

And y'all know I have such problems with restaurants... long waits, orders wrong, etc. I got Mexican tonight, so I went by Smith's for something for J. Now, last time I was there, I got to drive around to the second window, and waited roughly 15 minutes for "3 minutes on the fries." This was after I waited to order. I thought the people ahead of me were waiting for their order, but it turns out they were just talking to the chick at the window. So, today, I got to drive around again. There were about 5 people in line ahead of me and 2 or 3 behind me. I actually asked, when I finally got to the window, if there was a new manager or owner. She said no, they just had several big orders and had to bread the chicken. In any case, I'm giving Smith's a rest for a while.
Umbrella Academy S1E10 "The White Violin"

This seems almost anti-climactic after the last ep, but still awesome.

WTG, Ben!
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