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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
May 22nd, 2019 
Today's good thing: despite 3 mods and McLane's, today wasn't horrible.

But. I had the nuttiest customers. There was one woman who i swear was high, probably on the 3 or 4 pain pills she told me she was on. I helped her find a certain brand of hair skin & nail vitamin, then she asked about a Neocell brand. I only have one Neocell product now, but I told her more were coming on the new mod. I helped her find some other stuff(and she had to painstakingly calculate cost per vitamin before she chose one. LaToya came over to ask me something and clearly didn't see I was about to chew my own leg off to escape. I told her next time to come up with some emergency she needed me for. Then the woman says, "Oh, there's the Neocell COLLAGEN." Bitch, you didn't say collagen, you asked me for another HS&N vitamin, because I found it odd you needed two different one.

Then there was this woman who came to me with an Equate dye free Benedryl. She asked me if it was a white tablet. Um, no, there's a picture of green gel cap on the box. She needed it for her cat. She says her vet told her to give it to her cat, but she "won't eat a pink pill." So she wanted a white one. Then asked could she use a Sudafed or maybe Claritin. I told her to please talk to her vet, so I hope I saved her cat.

The third was the worst. An old man, who Selina will know as the potato chip man. I had just reset the pain mod, they took off both Ecotrin aspirins, and wouldn't you know, he wanted Ecotrin. He threw a fit, then he's like, "But I know it's not your fault." no, and bitching at me will not change it. He went into his whole potato chip spiel. He said he had complained to several managers, but it never helped. I asked if he had called 1-800-WALMART. No, of course not. I got news for him, they don't ask us what we want on the mod, not even store managers. They tell us what we're going to put on it. He concluded by saying he was going to start going to Vidalia or Jesup, because they always have what he wants. I refrained from yelling "Yay!"
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