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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
May 13th, 2019 
Today's good thing: it was not work. I came in once again on a Monday, when we already have a lot of shit going on, and all the stuff they didn't want to work from two trucks(it was not overstock, it even had "stock me" tags) was in the bin. So, I had a mini-meltdown and brought it up to James(store manager James, not my James). Apparently I wasn't the only one, several DMs had unworked stuff. So now, the ON support manager is supposed to actually verify it's overstock(which he was already supposed to be doing), and it's supposed to get reworked if it's not. We'll see.
Doom Patrol S1E11 "Frances Patrol"

This was a really sweet ep, mostly because of Larry reuniting with John.

I actually didn't recognize Gary Basaraba as Big D.

And I feel bad for Cliff again. Can't he get a break?

Nice cliffhanger.
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