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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
April 8th, 2019 
Today's good thing: not sure there is one. This is the Mondayest Monday that ever Monday'd.

I got to work, and apparently no one worked over the weekend. I had three carts of "overstock," all of which went out. Several were outs on the floor. Nothing was zoned, and what what was stocked was stocked wrong. Some genius stocked a case quantity of laxative in front of the Immodium. You can see where this might cause a problem. I'm guessing the same genius stocked the Equate mint Zantac(which is in a silver box) in front of the regular(which is in a gold box). The chocolate Ensure high protein was where the regular Equate chocolate should be. The Equate chocolate was where the Ensure vanilla should be. And so on and so on. I probably still haven't found everything. Apparently Myra didn't work all weekend. She does my stuff right. And if someone wants to rat me out for talking shit about ON and Cap 2, bring it on.

I found even more "overstock" on one of HBA's carts.

I should've known today would not be stellar when my first customer was a woman who wanted "single edge razor blades." I told her we didn't have single edge, only double, and I asked her if it was for the old fashioned razor that we sell that uses them. She said yes, but then when Levi suggested some single edge ones in hardware, she said yes to that, too.

The other customers were just their normal level of annoying and rude, and the day went by fairly quickly, since I literally worked freight all day. I was in a bad mood anyway, as I had to go by after work to try and get J's dumbass doctor and her dumbass staff to get his intermittent leave paperwork right before his job literally ends.

The chick I talked to was surprise, not the sharpest tool in the shed. I had the leave paper, and another sheet I typed out telling her exactly what they needed it to say. I told her like three times, and finally, she gave me the paper and told me to write it down. I have to go by tomorrow and check on it, but I am not hopeful.

With all that done, all I needed was to pick up dinner. I thought maybe fish(Parker's was closed) or chicken(Smith's is closed on Monday), and settled on barbecue from Pig Out. I ordered before I left Baxley, and the chick said 10-15 minutes. I got there, just as it started storming, and it wasn't ready. You know how the place is open on 3 sides? I damn near drowned waiting on our food.

Now I'm home, we've had dinner, we're watching Doom Patrol, and I'm going to bed soon and hope tomorrow is better.
Doom Patrol S1E5 "Paw Patrol"

"I haven't even been in the last two episodes." Mr Nothing, Deadpool-ing.

J wanted to see one more, since we'll be watching Legends of Tomorrow tomorrow. He really likes this one.
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