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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
March 18th, 2019 
Today's good thing: work was busy, but the day went by fast.

And y'all, I feel so dumb. Let me preface this by saying when I came back from lunch, I had just gotten my vest back on and a customer needed help. After that, I went about my business, doing top stock. When I got ready to head to the back, I realized my badge wasn't on my vest. I backtracked, looked on top stock, looked in the trash... I assumed because it's so incredibly heavy now, it had fallen off. I resigned myself to getting emergency one to clock out, and tell Mendy I needed a new one. Then I needed my marker for something, and realized I never took my badge off my lanyard. I got distracted by the customer and never put it on my vest.

On a related note(only because my name is on my badge), when I stopped by Dollar General this afternoon, I got called "Ricky" by a former co-worker, but I know she wasn't being malicious. So far, I've been called(by present and former co-workers) Terry, Charlie, Brandy, and my actual name.
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