March 9th, 2019


Today's good thing

Today's good thing: we had an awesome day at Peaches to Beaches! We headed to The Site Formerly Known as the Ball Field(it was at Woody Folsom this year, but I keep calling it the ball field, and when J complained, I gave it the Prince treatment). There seemed to be fewer sellers there this year, but we still found a good bit.

Then we went to Hardee's to get J some breakfast. There were so many people there! We waited to order, then, I kid you not, we waited about 20 minutes on one measley sausage egg biscuit. Meanwhile, Hardee's was running out of breakfast food, and they kept many people who wanted breakfast waiting while they finished the orders they had. Clearly they did not prepare adequately for P2B. Anyway, on the bright side, I got to see my cousin Debra and former Husqvarna co-worker Donna.

Then we headed toward Jesup. We didn't make it all the way there, but we were close. We saw my current co-worker Allen in Surrency. Also, no offense to my Surrency or Odom peeps, but... why does it stink over that way? I know there were septic issues at the Surrency P2B site, but it really smelled bad in both towns this time. Paper plant, maybe?

We called it quits around 4. J, who hardly ever requests a certain place for dinner, wanted Captain Joe's, so that's where we ate. It was delicious as always. I had the seafood platter(and brought most of it home, because, awesome salad bar!) and J had salmon and oysters.

We finally made it home and unloaded then crashed.

Even more good news, Fitz is feeling much better, thank goodness.