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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
September 16th, 2018 
S8E1 "The End"

"The stew is Stu!" is the new "Soylent Green is people!"
Today's good thing: Brittany is still improving!

Squeaky did not let me sleep late today. She got me up around 7:30. She and the kittens spent more time together today. She seems to be getting used to them, but still escapes to our bed on occasion.

After breakfast, J helped me get my potting table set p beside the house. We both got to cuddle my little fluffy butt kitten(I can't pick on J's naming stuff anymore I've literally been calling the cat this), and Jem.

Funny story there. Turns out we sexed Jemma incorrectly. She's a boy. We're calling him Jem now. We noticed he kept getting bigger and bigger. Sure enough, boy. I was already calling him JemJem, so it was an easy transition. He's so loving, much more than Fitz, Fitz is shy.

I got most of the stuff moved to the new potting table, but, man, was it hot!
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