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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
June 10th, 2018 
S5E13 "Principia"

I had gotten out of the habit of doing these, and I've missed it. I had to comment on this one, though.

Jake Busey looks and sounds just like his dad.

Mack is like an onion. He has so many layers. I think I want him and Yoyo to have a happily ever after even more than FitzSimmons.

"Hey, Mack Hammer. Can't touch this."

Did everyone catch Deke and Fitz standing in exactly the same position?
Today's good thing: I was really lazy today. I got up around 8, and napped in my chair later for like an hour, then made breakfast.

I did a few dishes and a load of laundry, and got the garbage to the street for pickup. J put away dishes, hung up laundry and got all the garbage bagged up for me. Then I sat on the porch for a couple of hours. I fertilized all my flowers, then cam in and made dinner.

I should have been working on all the projects I have going, and now I feel guilty about not doing them, but I seem to be stuck in this cycle of looking forward to working on stuff on the weekend, then by the time I get done with cleaning and laundry and all that, I don't want to do anything.
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