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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
January 4th, 2018 
maddie_pink roses
Today's good thing I did NOT drive in snow or ice today! In fact, I didn't even go outside until way after 1pm. Most of our snow stayed all day, which I have not experienced since... 1973? It was pleasant when I went back out around 4:30, it was getting cold again, and a wicked wind had started blowing. Squeaky loved having Mama home, but doesn't understand why I have to do laundry or dishes or clean when clearly I should be in my chair letting her cuddle and nap on me.
maddie_pink roses
One was inspired by J. He took some TV shows over for our nieces(who are 16 and just turned 12). We were discussing what to take, and we decided against Preacher because of the sex and violence. But Larae had insisted on Jessica Jones and the other Netflix Marvel shows. J told her it might not be a good idea, and Larae retorted with the fact that they'd both seen Deadpool.

The first question is, what's the youngest acceptable age to view Deadpool?

The second is, rereading books, yes or no?

I personally love rereading books. I can read Anne Tyler, Alice Hoffman and Stephen King over and over. Right now I'm rereading Mama by Terry McMillan for like the sixth time.
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