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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Am I spamming tonight or what? 
21st-Dec-2006 10:01 pm
I should be finishing my gift wrapping, or cleaning the horror that is the sun porch so that people can actually get to the table out there to eat Christmas dinner.

I can't seem to get caught up. I had been going to bed late and getting up early, but I wasn't making any headway. Yesterday we had my Mom's friend Flint's birthday here. Regina had asked if she could have his birthday dinner here, as a)their house is too small, and way out in the country, and b)we were having a fish fry and she didn't know how to cook any of it. She made the cake - - German Chocolate with cherries on top. J loved it, it's his favorite, and Mom kept stealing cherries off everyone's cake.

So, I spent yesterday morning cleaning up the kitchen - - I'd been wrapping gifts at the table, and it was a mess. Regina was coming over at 3, so after I finished the cleaning and some laundry, it was one. I sat down for a break, but then Beth called and said my niece Taylor wanted to come over for a few hours, so I entertained Taylor until Regina came over. Regina drafted her into helping decorate. Regina was very good with her - - she's going to be a great mother one day.

I started dinner - - a huge platter of friend fish, cheese grits, cole slaw and hush puppies. Regina made french fries after she finished with the decorating. Terry brought Flint over at 5 - - they'd managed to keep it a secret, so it was a surprise for him. He had good time, but this morning around 1, they had to take him to the ER. No, I didn't poison him. He has pneumonia, which caused his congestive heart failure to act up.They kept him in ICU today, but they think he'll be home by the weekend. I hope so, no one should be in the hospital at Christmas.

On that note, everyone that's not already, think good thoughts for betagoddess, that her mom, who also has pneumonia, will be out of the hospital soon.

And for luvmax1 - - Andi's having an awful time, he whole family had an awful stomach bug this week. It appears not to have hit her mom as hard as the rest, thank goodness, but I know Andi and her dad are exhausted.

Anyway, I was exhausted last night - - apparently the late nights and early mornings and worrying Mom would fall or pass out finally got to me. I went to bed at 8pm, slept until 3am when I got J up for work, went back to bed at 5:30, got back up at 9am, and still had an hour long nap this afternoon.

This weekend is going to be a busy one. I need to make two chocolate cakes, one for Beth, I promised her one a while back, and one for her stepgrandmother Faye. I also have to start on the cooking for Monday. I'm making pies for Monday - - buttermilk custard for me and mom, and pecan pie for everyone else. And Sunday, I'll boil eggs and make cornbread for the dressing Monday. Then Sunday night is Christmas Eve with J's family. Thankfully, I don't have to cook anything for that.

Good news - - today was J's last day of work until January 2nd! I'll have him home for over a week. I intend to try and let him actually get some rest and do what he wants to this time. Didn't work so well during Thanksgiving.

I'm sure there was more I planned to tell...

Oh! We were at Dollar General tonight and guess what they had? Harry Potter candy! Acid Pops, Jelly Slugs, and Drooble's Gum. If we were doing Christmas stockings this year, I *know* what would be in mine.

I think that's all. There may be more spam later.
22nd-Dec-2006 03:55 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for your kind words. After the call to my Mum, I spent an evening with a few tearful moments, but we managed to get the laundry, last minute shopping, wrapping and packing done and so had a more restful evening than usual before going away. I am SO glad my J. had today off.

You take care and have a very, Merry Christmas, my dear friend. I shall miss you and your hugs while I'm gone. =>}
22nd-Dec-2006 05:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the good thoughts, Maddie. We can sure use them around here.
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