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Today's good thing

Today's good thing: once again, I meant to get up earlier, but I had Jem cuddled up on my left side and Fitz in the crook of my right arm, and somehow it was nearly 9 before we got up, and I didn't start breakfast until after 10.

After that, I got the garbage ready for pickup, finally dug out the rest of the winter clothes, and managed to get outside for a few minutes and shelled some pecans. It was still cool on the front porch.

Sam's been sleeping a lot and J's been worried, but I told him, she nearly died just a week ago. She needs rest. Kittens sleep a lot anyway. Tonight while we were making dinner, she came in the kitchen exploring and now she's in the bedroom exploring, so she must be feeling better.

J was nice enough to take my uncle some clothes I'd washed for him, and picked up some to be washed, while I did some much needed stuff around the house.

I cannot seem to get on top of things. And we're going into the absolute busiest time of the year at Walmart. I dread it. Not just the weird hours and Black Thursday, but how evil the customers are this time of year. I only had one day this weekend to do anything, and it'll be the same next weekend(I work next Sunday). I'm off the following Tuesday, but I'll need to go see my uncle and get everything ready for him to come home. We have to fit in time to decorate for Christmas, and to finish clearing room in the back yard for a storage building. I feel so stressed and I can't remember anything. I keep forgetting to do this or that, or pick up this or that. I usually remember it after I get in bed and start to relax.
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