maddiec24 (maddiec24) wrote,

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work was not bad today, and it went by fast because I was very busy all day.

Y'all know I always have issues at various restaurants. I wanted a McRib. The line was moving ssllooowww. They ahd two cars waiting for their food to be brought out when the car ahead of me got theirs. The people hadn't pulled up far enough and the guy had to blow his horn to get them to pull up enough for him to get out. He was in a tiny car. The chick at the window asked me to pull up. I told her I'd like to, but the people would have to move forward. After about 5 minutes, they did. I got over to another pickup slot. Then about 10 minutes later, I got my food.The slowest fast food ever.
Tags: good things
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