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Today's good thing

Today's good thing is a very special one. I believe that God sometimes puts us in a certain place, at a certain time, so that we can either be a blessing to someone, or be blessed. Today was an example of that.

I was outside, picking up pecans. It was around 12 pm, and it's not normal for me to be outside at that time. I had taken down all the ghosts and witches and turned all the pumpkins around to the plain side. A woman pulled into the yard. She had her two little boys with her. One is autistic and has speech therapy a couple of times a week. She said Halloween is his favorite holiday and he always insists on driving by our house on the way there and back so he can see his "Casper pumpkin" and wanted to know if he could get out and look at it.

It took me a minute to figure out what she meant. But I do have a jack o'lantern that looks like Casper. He got out and went right to it, even though it was turned around. He saw Sam, Bucky's twin, and told me he had a cat named Tom, and that he liked my Casper pumpkin because it wasn't scary.

Their mom took a picture of Casper so he would have it to look at. I told him it would be back out next year.

You know, I've had several people stop and tell me they like my flowers in their colorful pots, or my Halloween, Easter or Christmas decorations, but it pales in comparison to this. I got all teary. So, I got to be a blessing, and be blessed.

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