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Today's good thing

Today's good thing: since J kept me up too late watching movies last night, I didn't getup until like 9:30. And still had a nap in my chair before I made breakfast. I could not wake up.

After "breakfast," which was around 12, I did laundry. J had already gotten the garbage out yesterday. I went outside and did stuff in the yard, including fertilizing my flowers, and a lot of porch sitting.

We had spaghetti, salad and bread for dinner, and now I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the reality of work tomorrow.

Okay, dream interpreters, try this: I've had two Van Halen-related dreams in two weeks. In one, I was married to Miguel from Mayans MC, but that's neither here nor there. In the dream, I ran into Eddie and Alex Van Halen. We had been classmates in high school. I said something to Eddie about his son must be grown by now.

In a dream from last night, I was at a friend's house. Not a RL friend, just some random woman. She had been married to Alex, and they had a daughter together. He had dropped her off from a visit and we were sitting at the kitchen table talking.

I have no idea where any of this came from.
Tags: good things
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