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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
18th-May-2019 08:00 pm
Today's good thing: I actually got up around 6:30(it was cat-related). I fed them, did my internet reading while Arsenic and Old Lace was playing, then napped for about an hour, and had weird dreams.

I got dressed and went to my uncle's. I always call on Friday night to let him know I'm coming, but I got a busy signal from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until my last try at 10:30 this morning. I didn't let it worry me this time, because, just as I suspected, he hadn't hung up the phone properly. I told him if he didn't get phone calls when he usually does, he should maybe check.

I haven't much enjoyed shopping since I started working in retail, but today, I went through Eastman and did a little shopping at Walmart. I also saw a former co-worker, Gary McKinnon, there. I hadn't seen him in easily 15+ years, but he was really sweet and told me I looked just the same.

I went by Dollar Tree, but didn't see much I needed or wanted. I did go by Sonic for a cherry limeade. I wish we still had a Sonic here.

I really miss Chic King, so I picked up dinner from there. After 20 minutes, and a couple of people who arrived after me getting their orders, I went to the counter and glared. One of the chicks asked me my order number, THEN they started fixing it. I had asked for biscuits, but the one cook they had left them in too long, so I went with rolls. I asked if there had been a change in management or ownership, but one of the girls told me three people had called out. Is it me? Do I just make bad choices? I always have so much trouble with restaurants.
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