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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
24th-Mar-2019 07:39 pm
Today's good thing: I had another busy day, but I had fun. I didn't up until around 8:30. had all three cats on me - - Squeaky by my legs, Fitz on my pillow and Jem with his little paws around my neck.

We did our usual morning stuff, I did even more laundry, and started breakfast. I also cooked extra bacon, and cooked some chicken for another Crack Chicken casserole. We were going to have it today, but I am out of ranch dressing(I know, how does that happen?). I'm also going to tinker with the recipe. I'm adding some rice, and keeping the cheddar cheese, but adding some mozzarella on top.

After breakfast, which was late, of course J cleaned up inside while I went outside and spent the whole afternoon out there. I painted flower pots until I ran out of paint, did more Easter decorating, some of which J had to help with, and watched my birds and cats. It was a beautiful day.
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