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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
14th-Mar-2019 07:15 pm
Today's good thing: it was NOT work. It started off well enough, but OMG, there were so many ignorant people in there today! I hear old people complain a lot about how young people have manners. Let me tell you, they don't, either! No "excuse me" ever, whether they're invading your personal space, or nearly run over you in their carts. How were you people raised? If you need to get where I am, and you always do, say, "Excuse me," or, "Could I get right there?" Don't get all up my ass and not say a word.

And people drive in the store just the way they drive on the roads. No one wants to yield, ever. It's an unwritten rule that people in Action Alley have the right of way, and people coming from the side aisles need to look both ways and YIELD. An old woman(of course) was coming from the razor/eye care aisle and never stopped to look. I was trying to go down that aisle with my cart and I had to turn quickly to miss hitting her/keep from being hit. My tissue thin garbage bag, holding approximately a million shelf labels, ripped and spilled. Did she I'm sorry, or excuse me for being such a horrible person? No.

Same goes for the moron customer who dropped and spilled body wash or shampoo, IN ACTION ALLEY. I hope I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you spill or break something, please tell a Walmart employee so we can clean it up and no one has an accident. We might frown, but we're not going to make you pay for it. If there's an accident, that cuts into our bonus, which Walmart already tries to not pay us.

Then, I finally got to the back this afternoon to put up my stuff and(please God) get away from WM for today, and the dumbasses on Cap 2 have everything on earth in front of my top stock carts. Was there room farther down? Of course there was. But it's easier if they leave the shit there and let me move it. Then I go to put a few boxes in my bin, and there is fucking cereal in it. I have 4 feet of bin, and these morons can't manage to put grocery overstock in the million bins dedicated to it.

I had planned to do some much-needed shopping this afternoon, but I got road rage and just got the necessities(IOW, cat food) and left. One more PSA - - and God bless anyone still with this post - - if you aren't coordinated enough to push a shopping cart and talk on your cell phone at the same time, either don't talk on your cell phone, or sit your ass down.
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