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Today's good thing

Today's good thing: wow, did we sleep late! I slept so late Fitz came to see if we were still alive, and to gently encourage me to get up and feed him. But here's the real miracle: Squeaky and Jem were asleep between us side by side, and Squeaky wasn't trying to kill Jem.

Anyway, it was around 10:30 when I got up,and close to 12 when J got up. After an actual lunch instead of a late breakfast(but don't get excited, I haven't gotten groceries yet, so J had bacon and egg sandwiches and I had bacon and tomato), we got the garbage ready for pickup, unpacked all our P2B stuff, and while J worked on his computer(and appropriated a rectangular table I bought to set it on), I sat outside on this beautiful day. My flowers are blooming, it was warm... I love spring.

I did get a bad sunburn on the side and back of my neck. We wore caps, so our faces(and J's scalp) didn't burn, and we used sun block Friday, but forgot yesterday. J's sunburn is a perfect v on his chest where his shirt was open.

I don't know if I can choose the favorite thing I bought yesterday. I got both the Christmas bags, the wipe container and the straw basket full of Christmas ornaments(some the old fashioned satin ball type, some quilted, some wood) for $2, because the woman was ready to go home. I got a case of vegetable and fruit sculpting utensils, and I have no idea what for, except that the price was too good to pass up. J actually found them. I had passed them by thinking they were regular tools. I also got a Vera Bradley purse for $1. Yes, I do have enough purse, actually. J was looking for dvds and games, and he found plenty of both.

My biggest regret was an old, old book of photos, but the guy wanted too much. I just hate the idea of someone's family photos being out there, and feel sort of protective of them, if that makes any sense. J's regret was an XBox 60 for $60 that he didn't get.

Dinner was super easy, BTW: leftover Captain Joe's, and I made cheese grits and fries to go with it.
Tags: good things, peaches to beaches, what's for dinner?
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