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We saw this at the theater here in Hazlehurst. It reopened recently.

Theater review:

Pros: the staff is very nice, food was good(I got nachos here - - they're always out in Douglas), theater was clean, audio was actually good, not too loud.

Cons: no cup holders. I don't understand it either.

There was only one other group in with us, a mother and three teens and they talked. This is not the theater's fault, though. Some people literally cannot be quiet for 2+ hours.

Movie review:

The obvious pro here is half naked Jason Momoa.

The first part of the movie seemed to be written by the same people who wrote the Adam West Batman tv show.

I would've loved to have been on set, as a lot of the direction given to Jason Momoa seemed to be, "Now, flick your hair."

Mera kicked ass.

Is Willem Dafoe literally turning into Green Goblin, or is that prosthetic makeup?

Patrick Wilson was actually very good as Orm.

The actors playing teenage Arthur... were not.

The first scenes in the Sahara were not CGI'd very well.

If Arthur and Mera could jump out of a plane and not die, why was Arthur worried about falling off a roof?

I hope Sicily has good homeowners insurance.

This was about a half hour too long, but overall, not a bad way to spend 2+ hours.
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