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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
28th-Dec-2018 08:36 pm
Today's good thing: the babies let me stay in bed until 9am. Although starting around 8, they came in every few minutes, jumped on the bed, walked on me and checked to see if I was ready to get up yet. We got up, they ate, I did laundry and did my internet reading. I started breakfast and got J up a little after 11. I spent the rest of the day cooking. Since we didn't get a Thanksgiving dinner and we were so rushed around Christmas, I showed out cooked a huge meal today. I baked a ham, made potato salad, dressing(from a new recipe, very moist), dumplings and chicken salad. Since I made a cake and pie for Christmas, I did cheat and picked up chocolate cake(for J) and lemon pie(for me). I am so stuffed right now. Plus it's been raining nearly all day and making me sleepy.
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