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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
26th-Dec-2018 08:24 pm
Today's good thing: I got off work at 1. But, I had to go in at 4. For no good reason.

J had his eye exam today and he has to go back to Dr Imhoff, who did his cataract surgery. He has to have this done now:

What is a Yag laser capsulotomy?
A Yag capsulotomy is a special laser treatment used to improve
your vision after cataract surgery. It is a simple, commonly performed procedure which is very safe.

During your cataract operation, the natural lens inside your eye that had become cloudy was removed. A new plastic lens was
put inside the lens membrane (called the bag or capsule) in
your eye. In a small number of patients, the capsule thickens after surgery and becomes cloudy. This interferes with the light reaching the back of the eye. When this happens, your sight becomes misty, and you may get glare in bright light or from lights at night-time.
Capsule thickening can happen in the months after your cataract
operation, but more commonly occurs about two years after surgery. Yag laser capsulotomy is the only way to treat this. Apart
from affecting your vision, the thickening does not damage the
eye in any way. In a Yag laser capsulotomy the doctor uses a special lens to apply a laser beam to the capsule. This creates a small hole in the centre of the capsule, which lets light through.
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