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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
25th-Dec-2018 07:34 pm
Today's good thing: we had an awesome Christmas day with family. Also, lots of good food!***

This was posted on FB to be polite. We got to J's dad's at 12 for a "Christmas lunch." Dianne, for some reason, had her neighbor's kids, a 3 year girl and infant girl. And her grandson Triston and his gun nut father were there. The father kept talking about how much he loved the smell of a gun after it's fired. He and Triston went and shot at targets.

We exchanged gifts, and around 2:30, Larae, Elizabeth, Eve and Mike, Elizabeth's boyfriend, showed up. They opened their gifts, and we finally ate around 3:30. J's blood sugar had started to drop. All the food was stone cold, and they have a tiny house and too many people, so finding somewhere to sit is always an issue. Also, ants got in the blueberry cream cheese pie I brought and we had to throw it away.

Then Dianne's grandkids and their kids started to show up, and we got ready and left. Between them, and the two Dianne was keeping, there were 7 kids under the age of 5.I left all my dishes except my new cake carrier. BTW, Dianne DID have my other one. She tried to give it back, but I told her to keep it, I already replaced it.

I semi-jokingly suggested to J that we tell everyone we're going out of town for Christmas next year and just stay home.

Then we went by my uncle's, brought him a plate from J's dad's, I set up his meds for the next two weeks, changed his sheets and paid his bills and we came home and I made big, nasty, bacon cheeseburgers for dinner. And now I have to go to bed. I go in at 4am, which means getting up no later than 2:30.
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