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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
20th-Dec-2018 08:27 pm
People, it's time for a PSA, and feel free to share or tell your friends and family.

Please remember that this is a stressful time of year, not just for our customers, but for us as well. Because of the customers, in many cases. People are rude this time of year, and no one seems to be able to shop without taking up the whole aisle. This upsets us as well as other customers.

There are going to be lines at the registers. Everyone in town is there, and you know Walmart doesn't always schedule cashiers right. Learn to be patient or use self checkout.

Right now, it's 4 days before Christmas. Please go ahead and get whatever groceries, presents, gift wrap, etc, that you need, NOW. We are open until 6pm Christmas Eve, but DO NOT wait until 5:59 to decide you need a gift bag or cranberry sauce. Think ahead! We all want to get home to our families, and you should be home with yours. Don't make us stay late. Christmas is the one day a year we're closed.

BTW, do you know Dollar General will be open until 10pm Christmas Eve? I bet they'll still have one cashier. At our Dollar Tree, where everything is literally ONE DOLLAR, there's usually two or three people working, while DG has one person stocking and running a register.
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