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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
20th-Dec-2018 08:25 pm
Today's good thing: well. Work was trying, mostly because of the numerous, vastly annoying, totally clueless customers.

We have our 4 ways turned in a weird way until after Christmas to "conserve space." My department has a leak in the ceiling, very near where one of these 4 ways sticks out. We have a very high tech way of dealing with this: we put a bucket under it. I was trying to move pdqs from the 4 way to an end cap, and something like 5 customers asked me, "Is there a leak?" While looking at a bucket full of water and rain dropping into it. I was considering telling them we put the bucket there to collect money for the associates, but since I do need my job, I had to walk away and let Selina and Latoya talk me down. It was like that all day.
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