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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
The Flash S5E9 "Elseworlds(1)" 
13th-Dec-2018 06:03 am
The Flash S5E9 "Elseworlds(1)"

"Oh, Barry, what have you done this time?"

"You have failed this city!"(Oliver as Barry and Barry as Oliver)

"Do I need help putting this on?"

Oliver looked so uncomfortable in Barry's suit.

Barry was all happy about how cool it all was until... "You woke up in bed with Iris? We have to fix this right now."

"Barry, did you time travel again?" See, if you mess up the timeline enough, you get a reputation.

"Tell her she's your lightning rod." "I'm not saying that."

"I guess you forgot you can't get drunk." "This day could not get any worse."

I haven't heard THAT song in a while.

"I've been waiting 4 years for that, man!"

Not really liking Lois Lane. She reminds me a little of Teri Hatcher.
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