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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
16th-Nov-2018 07:41 pm
Today's good thing: I had my doctor's appointment early, and it wasn't my regular doctor, but his PA, which was fine, she was very nice. She offered an inhaler, but I told her I thought the Bronkaid would be fine for now. And she told me if I didn't feel better Monday to let her know and she would extend my leave. But I am confident I will be fine by Monday. I'm getting some strength back, and the Bronkaid is helping so much. I wish I'd thought of it earlier in the week.

I brought home breakfast/brunch and after J and I ate, I gently supervised the taking in of autumn decorations so we can put up Christmas lights. We stopped there, though. It was too cold to be outside, so we continued our search for our elusive containers of winter clothes and throws. We looked everywhere, then we were sitting here watching Arrow and I remembered where they were. We gotta color code or something like, I don't know, LABEL them.

J also helped me straighten out some mess on the sun porch from when we had to rearrange because of the Water Heater Disaster of 2018. I can walk to the washer without fear of falling and dying now!

After all that, we were too tired to make a real dinner, and I was going to pick up takeout, but J mentioned he'd been craving oyster or salmon stew. Amazingly, I had the stuff to make salmon stew and that was super easy and perfect for a cold night.
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