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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
13th-Oct-2018 07:41 pm
Today's good thing: it was a lovely, cool, fall-like day.

The kittens started running around like maniacs around 5am. I finally got up around 7 and fed them. Then they all, since I was awake and up... went to sleep.

I ran up to the store for some mustard greens and salt pork to cook for dinner. I made breakfast when I came back and then we didn't do much of anything: a little laundry, dishes, I washed and put the mustard on to cook.

Later J and I pissed Squeaky off by giving her a bath. She spent all afternoon in J's chair with him, grooming and sulking.

I had a delicious dinner of mustard greens, fried salt pork, sweet potatoes and crackling bread. J, who doesn't like good southern food, had cubed steak and potatoes.
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