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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
3rd-Oct-2018 08:43 pm
Today's good thing: I did not go back to bed, but the kitties and I did have two naps, one this morning and one this afternoon. I did a little cleaning and laundry this morning, and finished up The Stand. I cried when Larry died, just like I do every time I watch or read it. I had to do some cleaning because one of the kittens knocked J's keyboard behind his chair, where I also discovered they had completely ripped apart a(thankfully) small roll of toilet paper. Then we had a nap, and later, after lunch, I made a Walmart run for reunion supplies. I had to run to the ATM later, because the lawn people made it by here today.

We watched the second ep of this season of NCIS NOLA. I am convinced Pride is actually a metahuman. Look how quickly he's recovering. And clearly he is developing some sort of psychic type powers.
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