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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
24th-Sep-2018 07:00 pm
Today's good thing: definitely not anything work related. I left my top stock in perfect order Friday afternoon, came back today and overnight had messed it up, stuff stacked on top of each other, stuff pushed in front of other stuff... I fixed it *again* so they can mess it up *again* tonight. Also, they left me a break pack box full of stuff that went out.

And one certain idiot on overnight has mislabeled a pallet of my pdqs twice. He puts the pdq label on the sheet, but puts the total from the box, which would shrink me out by thousands of dollars. I'm worried because I have more pdqs coming in tonight. People should know not to do this shit at inventory time.

I'm going in for 4 hours in the morning to fix everything and probably work "overstock," do price changes if we have any, and zone. I go back at 5 for four more hours to do my precounts. I need to come in super early Wednesday morning, because have no faith overnight will zone correctly.

If everyone could do their job, that would be great.
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