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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
AHS: Apocalypse S8E2 "The Morning After" 
23rd-Sep-2018 07:12 pm
S8E2 "The Morning After"

Serious season 1 flashbacks!

I'm with Dinah: "Time in a Bottle" makes me melancholy, and I had a huge crush on Shaun Cassidy as well.

Speaking of which: Shaun Cassidy created American Gothic, where Sarah Paulson played Merlyn Temple. And, "Time in a Bottle" played during X Men: Days of Future Past, during a Quicksilver(Evan Peters!) scene.

Also: coincidentally, when J started back in the house earlier, after helping me in the yard, and the babies were waiting at the door for him. He said "Someone's at the door," just like Merlyn in American Gothic.

Does Coco annoy everyone? I'm starting to think that actress is going to annoy me, whoever she's playing.
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