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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
22nd-Sep-2018 07:51 pm
Today's good thing: Squeaky let me sleep until nearly 8. We got up, the cats had breakfast, and J surprised us by getting up not long after. Later, I got ready and went to my uncle's while J did fun stuff like laundry and putting away dishes. My uncle and I went to the cemetery to put flowers on my aunt's grave. Monday would have been her 67th birthday.

I came home and rather than napping like I wanted, we actually cleaned. The kittens had toys strewn literally all over their room, in addition to everything they knocked off various surfaces.

Dinner was two separate meals: burgers for J, and tacos for me.

Squeaky actually tussled with Fitz tonight. I mean, I don't believe she was trying to kill him...
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