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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
8th-Sep-2018 08:46 pm
Today's good thing: well, I slept until 8am. J was up before me. But, he also went to bed way early last night. It was nearly 11 before I went to bed. I did laundry and dishes! On a Friday night! Anyone who knows me knows how amazing that is. I also watched the first ep of Mayans, Kurt Sutter's new show. I couldn't fully enjoy it because the audio was off track and didn't line up with the actors speaking. It did inspire me to watch "Service", my favorite SoA ep.

Today, I went to my uncle's, then came back and made a Dollar Tree visit(out of cleaning supplies) and Piggly Wiggly(almost out of food). I came back home, sat outside as long as the heat permitted, came in, napped in my chair and we had leftovers for dinner.

Also, found out the fluffy kitty and the orange kitty we've been seeing belong to one of "our" outside cats.

Update on Brittany: she's resting up for more surgery Monday, vitals are strong, they're just worried about infection right now. Thanks to Diane and Stephanie for keeping us updated, as always. Today was Dustin's funeral, so please keep his family in your prayers as well.
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