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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
20th-Aug-2018 06:51 pm
Today's good thing: that's a tough one. I got J off to work, got ready for work, got ready to leave and promptly fell over the ottoman. Other than a few bruises, no lasting damage, but then the truck wouldn't start. We've had issues with the connectors coming loose before, so I tried tightening them, tried cleaning it, nothing worked. J offered to come home and try and get it going, but I was already late, so I didn't see any point in both of us getting an absence. Also, I may have said mean things to J(on his birthday!). I've been after him to get this fixed for a while. Then I came inside and Squeaky didn't understand why Mama was back so soon and tried to climb my leg to check on me. I didn't notice the line of dried blood from that for a while.

So, I sat and had a nice long period of anger and self pity. Then I watched movies - - Pulp Fiction, still one of my favorites - - and in theory, O Brother Where Art Thou, but really, Squeaky and I napped through that. Other than cooking dinner, I didn't accomplish much of anything.
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