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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
9th-Aug-2018 08:13 pm
Today's good thing: work wasn't horrible, except for a couple of super annoying customers.

The real fun started when we got home. We gave two kittens a bath with their new shampoo. Jemma literally jumped out of the sink and onto my chest. So I got a bath, too. While I bathed Fitz, I put Jemma in the tub. Since we've had them they haven't meowed. They open their mouths, but nothing would come out. Jemma can meow now. You should've heard the heartrending meows. Poor Jemma had to have a re-rinse, because when we took them back to their room, Jemma jumped into the litter box. That was fun to get off. Thank goodness J had just changed their litter, or she would've needed another full bath. Now they've had their ear mite drops, eye ointment and ringworm ointment. Then I had to disinfect the bathroom, because Squeaky loves to go int he bathroom.

Then we gave Squeaky her first bath since before she got sick. She was dirty and a little stinky. I got another free bath there when she a)tried to get out of the water and into my arms, and b) shook the water off like a dog. She sulked in J's lap for a bit, but she's already forgiven me.
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