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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
2nd-Aug-2018 07:11 pm
Today's good thing: Squeaky got an almost clean bill of health. The vet said she still has the ulcer on her tongue. He gave her another antibiotic injection just in case. He's going to give her another couple of weeks before we start back on vaccinations. She has the assistant there charmed. He's always talking about how pretty she is and what beautiful eyes she has. She just hisses and growls at him.

This week at work has been trying. Very busy, and this cough/cold/allergy mod is a bitch. The mod people think it's funny to totally flip everything around every once in a while. Then we get to listen to complaints from customers for months because they can't find anything.

Oh, one dumb customer story for today: a woman and her friend came up looking for allergy medicine. Allegra, in a purple box. I showed her the Allegra, and she said no, it was a round pink pill. I thought maybe it was Benedryl and she was mixed up. She said no, it was ROUND pink pill. I don't sell a round pink allergy pill, as far as I know. Her friend still thought it was Allegra, but she said no. I have no idea.
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