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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
26th-Jul-2018 06:52 pm
Today's good thing: J finally had his neurosurgeon appointment, and Squeaky is eating again.

Despite what the person J spoke to last month at the office told him, which amounted to "we don't give injections"(they do) and "we'll probably just give you pain pills"(they did not), the doctor, and his PA, were both really great. They did an x ray - - he has a curve in his spine) and the doctor suggested trying an anti-inflammatory and some chiropractic traction.

We treated ourselves to Captain Joe's for lunch(we brought it home so we could be with Squeaky). After lunch, I had intentions of accomplishing stuff, but all three of us napped. For hours. I slept last night, but it felt like right after I fell asleep, the alarm went off. After we woke up I went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.
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