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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
25th-Jul-2018 07:21 pm
Today's good thing: well, y'all know my day wasn't great***, but at least I know now why Squeaky is drooling and not eating. She is giving her mama an ulcer, and is easily the most expensive cat I've ever had. I just want her to get well and stay that way.

I did some laundry and dishes today but spent most of the day in my chair with Squeaky sleeping in my lap.

***Squeaky had a relapse. She has an ulcer on her tongue, and was drooling and not eating. She's also congested and can't smell her food. She got fluids, an antibiotic shot, some nutrical, and a followup for next week. The vet said it's just going to have to run its course. If anything happens to her, no more pets for me. I can't handle it.
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