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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
22nd-Jul-2018 07:00 pm
Today's good thing: I got up early, around 7, and fed the cats.

We've had a lot of new "firsts" since Squeaky got home: first time eating first time pooping, first time kneading, and today, first time back in the bathroom. After she ate this morning, she went to the bathroom door and scratched at it. I opened the door for her and she napped in the clothes hamper(yes, it's full enough to nap in). Then she wanted to look out the window another first since she's been sick. She requested some of my dinner just now, and when I had my shower, she jumped up on the bathtub to observe. I can tell she's getting better every day, it's just not fast enough for me.

The rest of our day was consumed by getting garbage ready for pickup, doing laundry and dishes, I spent some time outside, transplanting moon flower and morning glory plants. I also played with Fitz and Jemma. J put... some new part he ordered in his computer.
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