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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
21st-Jul-2018 10:01 pm
Today's good thing: another semi-awesome day. Squeaky was very clingy last night. She slept either in the crook of my arm, or between me and J. She also kneaded my arm for the first time since she got sick. She and I got up around 9. I ran to Walmart for more turkey for her, and managed to get home just in time to get caught in the middle of a storm.

J finally got up around 11, we had a late breakfast, and we had planned to do some organizing in the junk room, but J wasn't feeling well, so it somehow got to be 3pm and we hadn't accomplished anything. Traditionally, we grill the day after a meat market visit, but it looked like it would rain all day. J decided to go back to bed. It started to clear up, so I decided to grill anyway, and as usual, I was nearly crying tears of frustration because a)couldn't find the lighter fluid WE JUST BOUGHT YESTERDAY, b)couldn't find a brush to clean the grill, and c)couldn't find even one of the at least THREE lighters we own. I did find the lighter fluid(on the couch behind the containers we also bought yesterday. And the brush(back porch). I had to go a buy a lighter, though. So, I grilled, made potato salad and baked beans, J finally got back up and we ate.

And I know you were all on the edge of your seats wondering about the lost UPS package. I was playing with the kitties this afternoon when someone knocked at the door. It was my ex-neighbor. She works at Hardee's now. They had delivered my package there. She remembered me and brought it to me. Now, Hardee's address is 21 E COFFEE St, but that's almost the same, right? Then I had to stay on hold for like 12 minutes to tell UPS I had the package, and I was downright pleasant today.

BTW, Mrs Meyer's honeysuckle dish and hand soap smell SO good.
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