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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
20th-Jul-2018 08:54 pm
Today's good thing: we had an awesome day.

I got up around 8, fed the kitties and Squeaky(who wouldn't eat), and did some laundry. J got up shortly after. We had planned to go see Ant Man and the Wasp yesterday, but I didn't want to leave Squeaky alone. Since she's feeling better, we decided to go today.

First, we went to the meat market in Pearson and got meat, and some frozen veggies. We put it all in coolers, then went by Walmart in Douglas, because it was around 12:30 then, and we figured the later it got, the busier it would be. We needed charcoal, plastic storage containers, fun stuff like that. Some flowers seeds and dvds were also possibly purchased.

Then we saw the movie(separate post, but it was great). After that, we hit Lowe's for a new living room light fixture, and I convinced J to get himself a toolbox, one of the ones with drawers to store his bigger tools(so they're not randomly stored around the house). That was fun to unload, BTW. Then we picked up Ole Times to go for dinner.

We got the meat bagged and put in the freezer, we just had dinner and are watching a movie.

Now, the not awesome part. I had a package due from UPS today. So did J. His got delivered here. mine got delivered SOMEWHERE, at 12:57, inside, to someone named Hall. I called UPS about it, and when the chick asked how she could help, I answered, "You can find where your idiot driver delivered my package, because he didn't bring it here." J said that was rude, but I feel it was reasonable, considering our address is clearly posted on the mailbox and my name is not Hall. I don't think it's an outrageous idea that a person who delivers packages for a living be able to read. This hasn't happened to me before. They usually leave other people's packages here.
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