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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Squeaky update 
19th-Jul-2018 05:11 pm
I gotta say, I admire any pet parents(or parents of humans!) who've gone through a pet's illness without going insane, you're awesome! This has been the roughest week. Squeaky is feeling better, being her old curious self. She ate food! And kept it down. And tried an old trick to get her to eat. We set her creamy seafood cat food in front of her, but she didn't act interested. J thinks she was afraid she's puke again. I kept putting a little on her paws and she would lick it off, then she started eating! Still not 100%, but we are getting there. I'm not worried like I have been.

Poor Jemma and Fitz, though! They think we don't love them anymore. We have to keep sneaking in the other room to pet them.
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