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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
17th-Jul-2018 07:04 pm
Today's good thing: well. It's been a horrible day. Squeaky still wasn't eating, drinking or pooping today, not acting like herself at all.

I called the vet, and they didn't have an appointment, but they let us bring her at 4 and worked her in. They did blood work(no leukemia or feline aids, thank goodness). Most likely, she caught something from the babies. You were right, Rose. She had to stay overnight to get fluids and antibiotics. We pick her up tomorrow and set up an appointment for the babies.

It has been a rough day, and an especially rough afternoon. I started crying when I got home and didn't stop until we got the blood work results. I do feel bad that we unintentionally exposed her to this. We should've kept the kittens separate from her until we took them to the vet. This being a mommy thing is hard, y'all.
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