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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
15th-Jul-2018 07:07 pm
Today's good thing: I got up around 6:15. And not even because Squeaky woke me up. I let the babies out for breakfast and exercise. Fitz ended up climbing on the ottoman and going to sleep and Jemma climbed to my shoulder and went to sleep. They've been doing that just about all day. Also from the "Things I never thought I'd say" file***: As soon as we sat down to eat dinner, both the babies descended on me. I finally said, "The next one who puts their ass in my face or their mouth on my food is going to kitty jail."

Anyway, after lunch, I was going to finish leveling my concrete. But, it rained off and on, and that wasn't possible. So, I just sat on the porch and enjoyed the rain.

Then I came in and J and I did some cleaning and made dinner.

***This morning, I had posted this:
Things you just never imagine yourself saying: "Squeaky, let Fitz poop if he needs to." Squeaky had run over to investigate because Fitz was pooping in "her" litter box.
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