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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
29th-Jun-2018 06:56 pm
Today's good thing: short day at work for me, so we headed to Douglas for some shopping and dinner. We hit Lowe's[saw blades for J, flower seeds for me, cat door for Squeaky(for the bedroom door)]first.

Then we risked our lives and went to Walmart(Friday, full moon, check day). We didn't find much there - - there were redoing electronics and very few dvds were available. We still managed to find about five, though.

Then we went to Ole Times for dinner, where I ate SO much!

Then we came home and made Squeaky mad by bringing the kittens in. We're trying to get them used to us, and Squeaky used to them and she's not having it. After I brought the second one is, she went behind her Newegg box and grumbled. Now she's sulking.
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