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Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I got up a little before 7, stayed up until nearly 9, and fell asleep in my chair. Next thing I knew, J was getting and it was 11am. And I had intense, tiring dreams. i was dopey for a while after I woke up.

Strangely, no laundry was done, but we did get the garbage ready for pickup, and did dishes. It was bearable outside today, so I did a little stuff outside, watered stuff, potted some plants. Ms Betty gave me this awesome vine that grows like crazy. I have it in a tin tub around the mailbox, all around the side porch steps, and in pots hanging on the porch. I love how it cascades down. I was going to put a sweet potato vine on the tricycle I repainted, but it wasn't doing well in the sun. So I hung it on the porch and fixed a pot of the vine to go on the tricycle.

I also brought kittens in again to visit Squeaky. She is still hostile to the kittens and me. She's been sulking behind my chair all afternoon. I think we're going to keep the tan one with the big head, even if it is a boy. J is in love with it. It napped on his chest today. It is adorable. We haven't decided on the other, the striped one, or maybe one of the white ones. We're going to have to get the cage out and put the babies in it so Squeaky can get used to them. Maybe keep them in the room with the mostly glass door so she can observe them first.
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