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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
9th-Jun-2018 07:36 pm
Today's good thing: we did a lot today, but nothing really fun. I made an early Walmart run before all the crazies got there. I couldn't believe it, but the garden center gate was open before 10. But. After I got into the garden center, the door from the garden center to inside wouldn't open. A cashier and I had to force it open. Other than that, the most pleasant Walmart experience I've had in a while.

After we had breakfast, we cleaned. We figured out Squeaky is getting fleas from us bringing them from outside. We fogged the front room, scattered flea powder in here and vacuumed, sprayed the kitchen and also flea-powdered-and-vacuumed the bedroom, even though we haven't seen any fleas anywhere but in the front room and on Squeaky. But I know if they're not there, there could be eggs. We're going to fog the sun porch tomorrow, and spray the yard if it doesn't keep raining.

Now we are tired and I'm ready for a shower and bed.
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