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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
2nd-Jun-2018 07:39 pm
Today's good thing: wow, it was a long, busy day. We got up early and moved stuff in the sun porch so J could drain the old hot water heater and we could move it outside. Then I headed to my uncle's. When I got back, J had everything disconnected and the tank drained. We moved it outside, and J drilled a hole for the drain(we have a giant metal pan under this one, so if it springs a leak, we don't get a floor full of water). This part as harder than you would imagine. We moved the new one in, and I came and sat down while J connected it. until we found out he needs... something we didn't get to get that done. So we're still taking cold showers until Monday night, at least.
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