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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Bitching here because I can't on Facebook 
30th-May-2018 12:59 pm
Y'all know by now that my uncle won't make a phone call unless it concerns cable tv or his pain pills. The pain center called him yesterday and wanted to change his appointment to tomorrow (it was for Friday, but his doctor is sick). Then he forgot if it was tomorriw or next week, and what time. So I had to call today and confirm when it was, call him, then text my cousin to see if tomorrow is okay. It turns out it's not, Now I have to call the pain center back and try and change it to next week. Then I'm going to text the time, and the phone number for the pain center to Joey. He knows when he can go, and I am so sick of pkaying phone tag every month. He can coordinate with my uncle and the pain center.
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